Your EV is more than just a car...

With a bidirectional charger, it can also...

Make up to $1000 every year in passive income

Utilities buy electricity from batteries when there is high electricity demand in your area. With Bidirectional Energy, you can sell the stored energy from your EV battery at a premium price and earn up to $1000 every year.

Our app tells you when these earning opportunities happen, so you can decide whether you want to participate and how much.

grid events screenshot

Reduce your carbon footprint... and everyone else's

During high-load times, utilities have to run high pollution power plants to meet demand, burning lots of oil, coal, and natural gas to do so.

By sending energy into the grid, you reduce the need for these high pollution power plants. With the Bidirectinoal Energy app, you can see exactly how much carbon you removed from the atmosphere every time you discharge.

Power your home during a blackout

When there's a power outage, we'll automatically switch to powering your home from your EV.

You decide how much of your EV's battery capacity you're willing to use for home backup, as well as which appliances should get power.

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