We'll help you install and manage your bidirectional EV charger.

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The Bidirectional Energy mobile app gives you full control of your bidirectional EV charger.

Save money on your electricity bill

We'll schedule your EV to charge when electricity is cheap, and use your EV battery to offset your home's energy usage when electricity is expensive.

Make money by reducing grid stress

Sell stored energy from your EV battery back to the grid at a premium price during high-load times. Earn up to $1000 every year for supporting the grid.

Reduce carbon emissions

We'll schedule charging when most power is from renewable sources. When the grid is powered by coal, oil, or natural gas, we'll power your home with your EV instead.

Have your EV ready when you need it

Set your desired charge level and departure times for one-time trips and daily or weekly activities. We'll make sure your car is ready and charged whenever you need it.

Installing a (bidirectional) charger has never been easier.

1. Fill out the reservation form

We'll recommend the best bidirectional chargers based on your home and EV, find all the available rebates and discounts in your area, and send you a quote.

2. Conduct a home electrical review

An electrician will visit your home to evaluate the status of your home electrical panel and wiring to determine whether an electrical upgrade is required.

3. Schedule charger installation

One of our certified installation experts will install your EV charger and update your electrical system as needed. We'll handle all the permitting and utility interconnection, and provide warranty on both the product and the installation.

4. Set up your EV charger and preferences

Once your utility approves the interconnection request, we'll walk you through your new charger and help you configure it in the Bidirectional Energy mobile app.

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